Our commitments

Etanchal has always committ to preserving the environment not only through energy saving, reliability of production equipments, etc., but also through eco-friendly exploitation practices and solutions.

All such measures reflect a deeply-rooted care for ecology lying at the heart of Etanchal's activity and which aims at the following objectives :

  • respect every applicable regulation (rightfully or excessively) ;
  • respect waste management practices, promote waste reduction and recycling, and take the environment into account at every purchase decision ;
  • reduce and prevent pollution, especially by limiting trips and promoting car-sharing as well as other options in relation to daily journeys to work ;  
  • promote the development and the use of sustainable installations, by insuring the ecological conformity of its buildings and workplaces. 

The environment issue is thus a constant concern for Etanchal. As part and parcel of the group's general policy, this issue is reflected in implementing efficient procedures to meet the ecological demands of our planet. 

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