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Etanchal products show a remarkable watertightness whenever there is a need to waterproof a given structure for whatever reason such as buildings foundations, water tanks, canals and viaducts, dams, tunnels and bridges,  cark parks, etc.; they are a major security to prevent damages caused by water.

Classical bituminous waterproofing has been a long-established technology. Moreover, Etanchal controls the modern process of modifying the bitumen with selected thermoplastic and elastomeric additives.

Indeed, by reinforcing the bituminous compound with fibreglass and/or non woven polyester, Etanchal improves in great manner its products' flexibility at low temperatures and their stability at high ones. The result is that for Etanchal products, resistance to fatigue, evaporation and ultraviolet rays is substantially enhanced.

The range of Etanchal products falls into two main categories: classical waterproof sheets and modern membranes that have benefited from recent scientific discoveries.

Various coatings complete these two categories. As an exemple, we can mention EAC which is an 85/25 oxidized bitumen packaged in bags and which refers to a coating applied with heat.

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Classical waterproof sheets

Classical waterproof sheets manufactured by Etanchal include the following elements:

  1. Roofing felts 
  2. Pax Aluminiums

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modern products
Concerning modern products, Etanchal is presently manufacturing two product lines:

  1. Modified SBS single-layer membranes
  2. Modified APP single-layer membranes

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