The present scarcity of energy resources due to worldgrowing demand makes the issue of waterproofness an environment priority that cannot be eluded.

Such has been the area of activity of Etanchal company for more than twenty years. By conceiving a wide range of solutions,  Etanchal is able to respond adequately to the various needs of its customers in waterproofing dwellings, pipes, tunnels, dams, bridges, car parks, and so on.

Etanchal has thus developed an array of products ranging from classical ones such as simple roofing felts (applied as multi-layers) to modern ones like single-layer membranes offering not only very easy laying but also considerable longevity.

Situated in the industrial activity area of Belacel, only 4 km north of the town of Relizane Etanchal covers a ground of more than one hectare and boasts an annual nominal production capacity of 7 million square meters.

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